Developed and patented a new substance to combat antibiotic resistance

Accordingto WHO, antibiotic resistanceis currently rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world, making it one of the greatest threats to global health, foodsecurity, and development today. Antibiotic resistance is putting the achievements of modern medicine at severe risk.

Several advanced treatment methods, such as organ transplantations, chemotherapy, and surgeries, e.g.caesarean sections, become much more dangerous without effective antibiotics for prevention and treatment of bacterial infections. It is estimated that in year 2050, 10 million people will die from antibiotic-resistant bacteria if no new antibiotics are discovered.

There is an urgent need for new therapies against and control of infectious diseases (

Prebona CompoTech is a new solution against antibiotic resistance.

Prebona CompoTech™

Based on Prebona’s patented technology platform, Prebona CompoTech, we have successfully developed and patented a new substance to combat antibiotic resistance, which boosts the effect of existing antibiotics and make them effective against currently antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Furthermore, Prebona has the competence and skill to design at atomic level to enable precise tailoring of therapeutic effect and keep low doses of antibiotics within the therapeutic window. The effect has been tested and verified by Professor Dan Andersson at Uppsala University, one of the most acknowledged researchers within the field of antibiotic-resistance in Sweden. Professor Dan Andersson is Director for Uppsala Antibiotic Center, founded in 2015 to bring together, stimulate and support important research on antibiotic resistance ( Prebona CompoTech is patented and represents a true revolution in treatment of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It is a disruptive technology that can be implemented quickly by any current producer of antibiotics. Prebona CompoTech is currently used in commercial products such as disinfectants for human hygiene and is highly appreciated by health care professionals and athletes for its effectiveness. Prebona is committed to become an important player in the global fight against infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Prebona AgSol is a new form of nano silver material.

Prebona AgSol™

There is an urgent need for new therapies against and control of infectious diseases. Silver nanoparticles are considered a potential source of novel antimicrobial agents, since it offers several advantages such as broad-spectrum activity and lower tendency to induce resistance.

This motivated Prebona to successfully develop a new form of nano silver material, Prebona AgSol, which is a composed of a controlled amount of silver ions strongly attached to a silica carrier particle. It can combat various kinds of micro organisms using hundred or thousand of times less silver compared to competing technologies. Prebona can design the compound on an atomic level with desired number of silver ions per silica particle and exact size control of the carrier particle, which will allow for the most effective solutions.

Areas of Interest

Infection prevention

Prebona offer the health sector a toolbox of possibilities to help reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAI) in a safe and responsible way. The truly unique possibilities create a powerful protection against HAI from the operating room to the patient rooms. Solutions are available for surface coating on walls and ceilings. Protect textiles on furniture, screens and curtains. Keep your medical devices protected. We have solutions to reduce bacteria prevalence in hospital water and air systems, such as heating- and drinking water systems and air ventilation systems. Prebona provides tools you need to reduce risk of infection in hospital environment.

Wound management

Silver dressings are commonly used in the treatment of burns and chronic wounds. The active agent, silver ions, is an effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent whilst remaining non-toxic to human tissue. Prebona provides a sustainable and powerful antimicrobial barrier for any dressing using hundred of times less silver compared to competing technologies.

Pharmaceutical development

Substances based on Prebona CompoTech are effective against a broad range of viruses and bacteria. Prebona has initiated a pharmaceutical development program against common viral diseases and infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria using the unique possibilities to modify and tailor make substances based on Prebona CompoTech. The company works together with experts at leading clinical universities.