Prebona AgriCulture


Prebona works together with farmers and researchers to find smart solutions for a sustainable and efficient agriculture. Prebona has solutions to improve efficiency in the food value chain in a responsible manner. There is a great need to reduce waste from farm to fork.

Prebona also works to replace biocides with multifunctional mechanical protection for different applications, such as seedling protection and grafting. Where biocides are necessary, Prebona works with new and powerful types of antimicrobial agents to protect plants and surfaces from microbial activity in a responsible way. The technology is based on advanced nanotechnology to combine natural materials into products with truly unique properties.

Product Range

(Note that some products are not sold in all territories):

Prebona® HortiGuard

A powerful general purpose, ready to use, fungicide and bactericide. For broad spectra control of black spot, powdery mildew, liverworth and rust on all garden plants.

Prebona® Disinfect

An efficient and long-lasting, ready to use, disinfectant. For broad spectra use against bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and molds.

Prebona® CoatGraft™

Prebona CoatGraft is a ready to use mechanical coating for successful grafting and seedling protection. It creates a mechanical barrier to protect seedlings or grafted plant surfaces. The product is easy to apply and can be tailor made for various purposes and conditions.

Prebona® Siccol™

A unique mechanical desiccant that keeps the plant free from moist and reduces the risk of fungal diseases. Prebona Siccol is modified to create optimal moist reducing properties.

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