Innovation & Technology

150591119-2Prebona offers it’s customers to take part of the economic potential of high-performance materials and surfaces based on advanced Small Particle Technology combined with natural materials.

Partner in technology development

From the development of new materials to the integration of the material systems in products and production processes, Prebona support customers right through to the finished products.

Prebona Technology

Prebona’s technology represents enormous opportunities to develop materials and products with unique properties for applications within a wide range of industries. Even if nanotechnology has been around for many years, it still has a great potential. The technologies available to Prebona allows us to develop products based on a range of naturally occurring materials with desired properties. Many of the products that are offered by Prebona are water dispersions of nano-sized particles with a core of silica (SiO2). The surface of these particles are modified to allow for an active substance to attach strongly and provide a specific property.

The production process of Prebona’s technology are extremely environmental friendly. The process uses room temperature and normal pressure with no (zero) waste streams.

Prebona’s Kompotechnology

Prebona has developed a groundbreaking technology that uses active substances such as silver or other materials hundreds or thousands times more effective compared to regular materials –the KompoTechnology. The KompoTechnology allow effective but expensive substances, such as precious metals and dye stuffs, to be used in new and cost efficient ways. It is well known that silver is very effective against pathogenes in many medical applications. If silver is used against some certain bacteria under certain circumstances, solid silver nanoparticles, also called AGNP (AG Nano Particles), can be used. This would be an ineffective way to use expensive silver as it is only the silver atoms on the particle surface that affect bacteria. All atoms inside the silver particles are not available to combat bacteria, which makes it very expensive to use solid silver particles compared to using Prebona’s KompoTechnology.


Prebonas KompoTechnology starts with e.g. silica particles of a certain size, e.g. 50nm. The surface of the particles is modified with a coupling agent with an affinity to adsorb atoms with specific properties. Particles with adsorbed silver atoms to the particle surface will combat bacteria as effectively as solid silver particles, but will be using 1400 times less silver. A given amount of silver in the form of Prebona KompoTechnology provides 1400 times higher efficiency compared to the same amount of silver in the form of AGNP. Prebona KompoTechnology provides in other words tremendous opportunities to improve cost efficiency in applications requiring silver. Prebona KompoTechnology can be used within all three of Prebona’s business units providing functions such as dirt-repellence, water-repellence and antimicrobial function. Some products based on Prebona KompoTechnology has been patented or are patent pending. Other products are under development.


Step 1. Using nano particles of silica (Si02) as cores.


Step 2. The surface of the cores, is modified to create sites where an active substance may be attached.


Step 3. Active substance is applied to surface.

Prebona NanoCoating

Prebona NanoCoating is a technology where surfaces are coated with a very thin layer of a substance to protect or functionalize a product or surface. A Prebona NanoCoating layer could consist of particles made by the Prebona KompoTechnology. A Prebona NanoCoating is extremely thin compared to a conventional coting of e.g. a paint or lacquer. In comparison to particles made by the Prebona KompoTechnology process, a Prebona NanoCoating are very thick. In a 1mm thick Prebona NanoCoating layer, it is possible to fit 200 layers of 5nm nanoparticles on top of each other. In the same way as Prebona KompoTechnolog, NanoCoatings allow for very cost effective solutions and improved functionality compared to conventional products such as paint. Examples of improved functionality provided by Prebona NanoCoatings are improved strength and wear resistance, and dirt and water repellance. Some products based on Prebona NanoCoating are patented or patent pending. Other producs are under development.


Step 1. Surface – not treated.


Step 2. Surface treated with Prebona NanoCoating to provide strength.


Step 3. Surface treated with Prebona NanoCoating to provide strength and soil repellancy.


Prebona NanoCoating contain nanoparticles creating a strong three-dimensional network and attach strongly to the surface. The treatment provide strength and soil repellancy to the surface.