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Prebona has extensive know-how of high-performance materials and coatings. Our solutions improve properties of many materials, such as concrete, tiles, painted surface and wood. We can make surfaces dirt, water and oil repelling. We can improve the strength and wear resistance of surfaces.

Typical surfaces where Prebona NanoCoating is used are concrete walls and tiled roofs. The result is a surface that stays clean for a long time with minimal maintenance. Prebona NanoCoating can also be used on any product or component of product that need to be functionalized or protected.

Prebona NanoCoating products can either be applied directly to surfaces or be included in other products, such as paints, oils and lacquers.

Prebona provides solutions to improve many interior and exterior surfaces in a very cost efficient and responsible way.

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Product Range

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Prebona® DuraClean™

Prebona DuraClean makes surfaces stronger and permanently soil repellent, which means less need for cleaning and provide for large savings in cost over time. Surfaces stay clean longer, which creates a better impression and better hygiene. A surface coated with Prebona DuraClean keeps it’s look and feel.

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Prebona® Siccol™

Prebona Siccol provides an effective and lasting means of making windows and other glass and ceramic surfaces self cleaning with the help of water, e.g. rain. One big benefit of Prebona Siccol is that it can be applied to windows in place.

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Prebona® OdorControl™

Prebona OdorControl eliminates bad smell immediately in areas such as toilets, hotel rooms, boats a caravans. Odors from urine, smoke, mold and mildew is eliminated within minutes.

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Prebona® ConSeal™

Prebona ConSeal provides water and oil repellancy to surfaces made of concrete, brick, tiles and wood. It also improves the soil repellent property of Prebona DuraClean. Prebona ConSeal is typically used on surfaces that exposed to an excess of water, oil or other contaminants.

Prebona® Protect®

Prebona Protect is a new and powerful type of antimicrobial coating to protect surfaces and products from microbial activity in a responsible way. The unique technology is based on advanced nanotechnology to incorporate the antimicrobial agent, silver ions, only where it’s needed –on the surface of a neutral carrier particle. This gives Prebona Protect a great advantage – it contains hundreds of times less antimicrobial agent compared with conventional technologies. Mix it with a paint or a lacquer or use it as a top coat. The possibilities are endless.

Please, contact Prebona if you need clean surfaces with a minimum of maintence.