Area of use
Prebona OdorControl eliminates bad smell immediately in areas such as toilets, hotel rooms, boats and caravans. Odors from urine, smoke, mold and mildew is eliminated within minutes.

Areas to be treated should be clean and dry. Apply with low pressure spray, Prebona fogger or Prebona OdorControl spray bottle. Wipe off excessive liquid to avoid residue on treated non-absorbing surfaces such as glass, plastic and leather. Temperature should be above +5. Use protective clothing, respiratory protection, goggles and protective gloves.

Prebona OdorControl instructions (EN) (2017-11-15)

If exposed to eyes, rinse with water for several minutes. If exposed to skin, rinse with water. If irritation occur, contact physician.

Prebona OdorControl is very effective eliminating odors. A room of 10m2 is typically treated in 10 to 30 seconds with a fogger depending on level and type of odor.

5% SiO2 in water. Surfactant.

Storage and shelf-life
Store in continer of non-corrosive material, such as plastic, and above freezing at 5 – 35C. Should be used within 6 months from production date.

Waste disposal
Container is disposed as plastic. Spillage and left-over should be handeled to avoid exposure to environment.

Prebona OdorControl is available in the following packaging:

• 500 ml spray bottle (12 in a box)

• 25 liter plastic container

• 1000 liter IBC

Only for professional use.

How to unclog spray bottle:

If nozzle of spray bottle with Prebona OdorControl is clogged, insert a pin into the nozzle. This will unclog the nozzle.

Here is an instruction for unclogging spray bottle:

Prebona OdorControl clogged spray bottle (2017-06-05)

Prebona OdorControl Downloads

Prebona OdorControl Presentation (Swedish)

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Prebona OdorControl Flyer (English)

Prebona OdorControl flyer (2017-04-15)

Prebona OdorControl Info Sheet


Prebona OdorControl info sheet (2017-01-11)


Prebona OdorControl infoblad (2017-02-08)

Prebona OdorControl Brochures (Swedish)

Prebona OdorControl broschyr (2017-03-18)


Prebona OdorControl Antiluktduk (Swedish)

Prebona OdorControl Antiluktduk (2017-11-28)

Liwa OdorControl system for odor removal


Liwa OdorControl broshure (ENG:EU) (2018-02-11)


Prebona OdorControl Case stories

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


MSDS – Prebona OdorControl (EN) January 2017


MSDS – Prebona OdorControl januari 2017

Product Data Sheet


Prebona OdorControl PDS (EN) (2017-09-14)


Prebona OdorControl datablad (SE) (2017-01-20)

Prebona Fogger – instructions

Prebona Fogger instructions (EN) (2017-09-11)