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With deep knowledge and experience in clean-tech and material science at atomic level, Prebona develops and supplies numerous solutions that deliver performance, profitability and sustainability for our customers and partners. Through our patented technology, Prebona CompoTech, we modify silica with functional atoms providing superior solutions that address specific needs in society and industries. Examples range from surface treatments that preserves, textiles that eliminates smell and to new substances against antibiotic resistance. 

To produce products based on Prebona CompoTech, we start with silica particles of well defined size dispersed in water. The surface of the silica particles is modified with a coupling agent to enable absorbtion of atoms with specific properties, e.g. to eliminate specific odors as in Prebona OdorControl or to help treat and preserve various surfaces with Prebona DuraClean. By absorbing active atoms on the surface of silica particles, we use the active substance extremely efficiently which saves money and the environment! Prebona CompoTech offers tremendous opportunities to improve cost efficiency in many applications, providing functions such as dirt-repellence, elimination of odors and antimicrobial functions.

Prebona´ s proprietary production method has been developed over the last few years and is energy-efficient and completely free from waste, i.e all incoming raw-materials steams end up as final product. The production process uses room temperature and normal pressure and is highly scalable enabling increased production capacity as demand increases. This also makes the production process itself cost effective and robust with a low environmental impact and provides stable quality. Many products and solutions based on Prebona CompoTech have been patented or are patent pending. Other products and solutions are under development.


Prebona AirCare with the product Prebona OdorControl works to improve air quality and eliminates offensive odors very effectively by eliminating them at the source. Researchers have found that Prebona OdorControl eliminates odors up to twice as effectively as the best available solution today, such as activated carbon. 

What makes us different?

A wide range of products and processes are used to battle undesirable odors in bathrooms, garbage rooms, boats, caravans and elsewhere. Most air fresheners simply mask odors with pleasing fragrances but do not actually eliminate the odors from the environment. Substances that absorb smells, including activated carbon and baking soda, are also used. However, these substances tend to have only a weak ability to absorb the molecules responsible for offensive odor. 

Prebona OdorControl consists of silica, the main ingredient in sand, modified with atoms with well established antiodor properties. The Prebona OdorControl particles eliminate odors extremely efficiently in a few steps. Offensive odor molecules will stick to the modified silica particles in Prebona OdorControl. Once the odor molecules are absorbed, they will be catalytically transformed into odorless molecules and the offensive odor is thus permanently eliminated. 

A toilet or garbage room with offensive odor will become odorless in minutes after treatment with Prebona OdorControl. Treatment is done with a cold fogger or spray equipment and takes only minutes for a medium sized garbage room or public toilet. The effect will last up to several days. Tests with Prebona OdorControl in controlled environment showed that Prebona OdorControl is up to twice as effective as activated carbon at removing offensive odors.

Prebona OdorControl is very effective against unpleasant odor from smoke, mold, sweat, urine etc. For example: air filters in cars, offices and vacuum cleaners are treated with Prebona OdorControl to eliminate odor. Textiles are treated with Prebona OdorControl to eliminate odors in clothes, furniture fabrics and curtains, containers with fish cargo use Prebona OdorControl to eliminate odors and many more.


Odor Molecules are released from a smelly source


Prebona OdorControl captures odor molecules (patented technology)


Eliminates or Transforms odor molecules into non-smelly molecules


The OdorControl material returns to Stage 2 and continues to capture and break down more smelly molecules


Prebona has extensive know-how of high-performance materials and coatings. Prebona SurfaceCare with the products Prebona DuraClean and Prebona Siccol, improves the properties of many materials and surfaces, such as concrete, tiles, glass, painted surfaces, wood and textiles. 

Prebona SurfaceCare solutions mainly improves the strength and wear resistance of surfaces and also improves their dirt repelling capabilities. Through Prebona CompoTech we can provide many desirable properties to materials and surfaces including the increased life span which then again reduces the need for maintenance. This is good for the economy and for the environment. Silica is an inorganic material that is unaffected by UV, temperature and many chemicals, which provides for long lasting effect. 

Prebona products and solutions can either be applied directly to surfaces or be included in many other products, such as grout, paints, oils and lacquers. Prebona provides solutions to improve many interior and exterior surfaces in a very cost efficient and responsible way. 


Untreated surface has cracks and pores where dirt accumulate. Cracks and pores are also weak spots where deteriration of surface starts.


Prebona SurfaceCare product is applied to surface and starts to fill cracks and pores.


Surface is now saturated with silica and cracks and pores are completely filled providing a strong and durable surface that is soil repelling.