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Transforms natural materials to multifunctional products

Prebona develops and markets high performance products and materials within Nanocoatings, Agriculture, and Nanomedicine.

The product portfolio ranges from groundbreaking antimicrobial systems, dirt repellent materials and plant protection products to sealant systems and scratch resistant materials.

Prebona has unique solutions providing value to a range of industries such as food production, medical, farming and facility management. Please, have a look at this brochure on what value Prebona solutions bring to facility management (in Swedish):




Prebona is an innovator of high-performance materials and develops innovative and functional solutions for a broad range of applications, including antimicrobial systems, dirt-repellant systems and sealant systems.



Prebona focuses on innovative solutions for growers within agriculture, gardening and forestry. The smart solutions aim to make crops and plants healthier, stronger and more resistant to diseases and stress factors.



Prebona is active in the field of medical and pharmaceutical products. The mission of the company is to develop and market innovative products and compounds that improve the health of people throughout the world.