who are we?

Prebona is a Swedishclean-tech material provider, delivering superior and sustainable solutions for Air Care, Surface Care and Health Care

We are a dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team with a proprietary and versatile clean technology platform, Prebona-CompoTech™.

what do we do?

With deep knowledge and experience in clean-tech and material science at atomic level, Prebona has the capacity to customize and supply solutions to challenges in a wide range of areas such as odor control, surface treatments and antibiotic resistance

Prebona solutions contain water and silica from natural sand. We modify the silica with functional atoms in a patented process that satisfies needs in homes and industries in a sustainable, cost efficient and highly effective way.

what drives us?

Our greatest assets is our experience and our creative minds. Creativity is about thinking differently and challenging established solutions. We see opportunities and find answers where others see obstacles and problems. This is our secret to deliver unique and high value clean-tech solutions for our customers and partners.

Our Mission

We want to contribute to a better environment through natural, sustainable and cost effective material technology. We want our solutions to preserve materials and avoid unnecessary waste. We want to use less resources to outperform established solutions whilst helping our customers to work more cost efficient and improve profitability.