Ingredient Brand

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Elevate your business with our ingredient brand.
Explore the opportunity to leverage your current line of products and enhance your brand with cutting-edge Prebona solutions. Our ingredient brand program label program enables you to seamlessly integrate our high-quality solutions, offering your customers innovative and sustainable alternatives that deliver outstanding results.
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Key benefits of using Prebona formulations

Our formulations are designed to enhance the performance of your products, whether it's improved durability, increased efficiency, enhanced aesthetics, or unique functionality. Stand out from the competition with products that deliver exceptional results.
Differentiation and innovation:
Incorporating Prebona formulations gives your products a distinct competitive advantage. Offer your customers something truly innovative and differentiated, setting your brand apart in the market.
and trust:
Prebona is recognized for its exceptional quality and reliable solutions. By utilizing our formulations, you benefit from our strong reputation, gaining the trust and confidence of your customers.
Rather than investing in extensive research and development, leveraging our proven formulations allows you to save time and resources, accelerating your product development process and time to market.

Paints and laquers

Imagine construction and maintenance coatings fortified with Prebona's formulations. By incorporating our advanced technology into your coating mix, you can achieve remarkable results for various applications such as Anti-Corrosion Protection, Weather Resistance, Self-Cleaning Surfaces, Protective Concrete Coatings etc.
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Impregnated textiles

An innovative and active application leads to clothes delivering a unique performance. Either keeping the garments fresh for longer periods, by breaking down body odor molecules, Prebona OdorControl works to combat unwanted odors throughout the day. Or experiencing a new level cooling effect that responds automatically with increased body temperature. Prebona CoolControl is a completely unique product that keep textiles cool during exercise. The Prebona formulations (OdorControl and CoolControl) are available as impregnation for industrial use.
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Agricultural solutions for plant nutrition

Imagine agricultural formulations infused with Prebona's technology or as stand alone products. With our nutrient solutions you can enhance plant hydration, growth and hence promote healthier plants and provide increased yields. Experience a more sustainable and effective approach to agriculture with Prebona as your trusted partner.
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Unlock the true potential of your products
By incorporating Prebona's formulations as an ingredient brand.Contact us today to discuss how our formulations can transform your own products, delivering exceptional enhancements and helping you stand out in the market. Together, we can create outstanding solutions that exceed expectations, capturing the imagination of your customers and driving your business