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A better care environment, more flexible and secure.
Hospitals and elderly care increasingly focus on improving the patient quality by creating a better care environment. There are many important challenges regarding bad odors from wounds, stoma, incontinence, etc.

Prebona Inodorus has a flexible solution for all of this offering the option of being used as a spray, in an incontinence product or a
wound care dressing and much more. Prebona helps patients and staff stay secure and odor free with a unique technology. It is well-proven with a long-lasting effect completely without fragrances or other allergenic substances.


Prebona Inodorus works on various odors and surfaces related to health
issues and hospital environments. From a broad spectrum of sulfur and
nitrogen-based smells to bad odors from chronical or prolonged wounds,
stoma, incontinence, urine, feces, sweat, and more.
Our patented 'capture-neutralize-release' process ensures a prolonged effect, eliminating odors at the source without masking them, creating a long-lasting result for a better care environment.
Addressing the misconception that “scent equals clean”, we focus on
eliminating the problem at the source without leaving lingering artificial smells or other allergenic substances behind.
Bluesign approved, our clean-label, water-based and non-biocidal
formulations are VOC and PFAS free, ensuring a safe and odor-free health
care environment.

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