who are we?

Prebona AB is a material technology company. We develop, produce and market high performance products and solutions, including unique odor eliminating substances, dirt repellent materials and surface protecting technology. Additionally, we have upcoming products for infection control(disinfectants) and antimicrobial systems.

what do we do?

Based on our unique technology platform – Prebona CompoTech – our products remove unpleasant smells (Prebona OdorControl), treat and preserve surfaces (Prebona DuraClean) and advance medical solutions (Prebona Protect). Our innovative technology addresses urgent, global needs based on sustainability, efficiency and cost effectiveness for our B2B customers. 

How do we do it?

We go to market as an “ingredient-brand” providing our customers products with an innovative and competitive edge. We focus initially on companies within textile, facility management and transportation and we are organized in three business areas – AirCare, SurfaceCare and HealthCare

What is Our Mission?

We want to contribute to a better environment through our functional, sustainable and cost effective material technology. We want our solutions to preserve materials and avoid waste. We want to use less resources to outperform established solutions whilst helping our customers to work more cost efficient and sustainable. 

What is our point-of-differentiation?

All of our products and solutions are based on our patented and proprietary technology platform Prebona CompoTech, using water and silica from natural sand. We then modify the silica with various functional atoms to provide specific properties. This allows us to address a broad spectrum of needs and problems in a sustainable, cost efficient and highly effective way for our customers.