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Plant hydration, growth, and improved soil health.
We deliver smart crop nutrition solutions for cut flowers, cuttings and the farming community. Our combination of optimal resource efficiency and smart release systems enable us to increase yields, produce healthier and more robust plants and enhance soil health in a sustainable way. Growing more and better to improve agricultural productivity and farm performance.


Sticks to
the plant:
Long lasting effect with a fertilizer that is designed to stick to the plant for prolonged nutrient release.
Smart and flexible release system:
Makes full use of the nutrients and acts as a reservoir for them.
A flexible system that easily can be tailored with different nutrients. Even the carrier particle itself is a nutrient and is surface modified with chosen nutrients.
Utilize the latest technology to optimize the use of nutrients. In addition, Prebona NutraSol is produced in a completely waste-free production process.
Make your growth substrates smart:
Impregnate the solution to inert substrates like Rockwool or foams for smart release of nutrients.

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