Our Technology

Using less to do more
We are experts in small particle technology.
Our founders work revolutionized the area and have been published several times. Prebona has pioneered a groundbreaking process and technology, patenting a method to surface-modify silica particles at the atomic level. This innovation allows us to achieve specific functionalities like odor elimination, surface protection, nutrient solutions and antimicrobial properties.
The unique Prebona technology platform
Our patented technology stands as a truly unique and versatile platform. Rooted in the complex balance of surface-modified silica particles in deionized water, our solutions leverage the inherent qualities of silica (sand) or amorphous silicon dioxide at the nano-level.
A single Silica Particle
round object with dots
A Silica Particle with an added coupling agent that has great affection for both the silica particle and the active substance
rounf object with dots
A Silica Particle with an added substance (atom or molecule) to perform a specific functionality such as odor elimination or dirt repellency.
Harnessing the power of silica
Silica, a natural and abundant component in the Earth’s crust, serves as our main carrier ingredient. Amorphous silica dioxide, widely used across industries, is deemed safe for human and animal use. Prebona elevates silica’s qualities by adding active ingredients to its surface, unlocking new levels of functionality.
Atomic-level precision
In essence, we design solutions at the atomic level, enabling precise tailoring of functionality for diverse applications. Our 'Atomic Tool-Box' empowers us to control the number, size, and amount of silica particles, making Prebona technology exceptionally versatile and adaptable to various needs.
a cup with a cirkle next to it a cup next to a circle with a lot of dots in it
Efficiency amplified
With all active materials situated on the surface of neutral silica particles, our technology interacts effectively with the surroundings. Prebona technology enhances the efficiency of active materials, such as metal atoms or molecules, hundreds of times more effectively than conventional methods.
Our main carrier-ingredient is silica (SAND) or amorphous silicon dioxide (silica dispersed in water) at nano-level. Silica is a natural component and the most abundant of all the oxide minerals in the Earth’s crust.

Amorphous silica dioxide is itself a widely used component across various industries such as the construction industry, the food industry, the cosmetics- and the pharmaceutical industry and considered safe for human and animal use.
Targeted focus areas
Prebona's focus areas encompass odor elimination, surface protection, nutrient solutions, and antimicrobial properties for diverse surfaces. We also specialize in textile protection and disinfection, delivering advanced solutions that redefine industry standards.