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Giving textiles unique features and benefits.
Imagine clothing treated with Prebona's formulation, an innovative and active application that leads to clothes delivering a unique performance. Either keeping the garments fresh for longer periods, by breaking down body odor molecules, Prebona OdorControl works to combat unwanted odors throughout the day.

Or experiencing a new level cooling effect that responds automatically with increased body temperature. Prebona CoolControl is a completely unique product that keep textiles cool during exercise or heat. The cooling effect is derived from functions such as; improved evaporative cooling and optimized supercooling effect. Improved evaporation is due to improved wicking and increased surface area. Super cooling effect is a result of carefully grafted size and surface modification of silica. 

The Prebona formulations (OdorControl and CoolControl) are available both as impregnation for industrial use and as a consumer aftermarket product such as spray or wash-in.


Our patented cooling effect and odor eliminating effect ensures a prolonged effect, lasting the life time of the garment
OEKO-TEX certified and Bluesign approved, our clean-label, water-based and non-biocidal formulations are VOC and PFAS free, ensuring a safe and odor-free environment.
A patented technology provides unique properties. CoolControl is based on three connected interconnected functions to give a textile permanent cooling performance. OdorControl is based on a patented 'capture-neutralize-release' process that ensures a prolonged effect, eliminating odors at the source without masking them
Prebona OdorControl and CoolControl works on most textiles such as cotton or polyester to keep them cool and fresh. They can both be used in a standardized industrial setting or as an aftermarket product towards the consumer as a spray or as a wash-in solution.

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